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Rewatching Northern Exposure from beginning to end
Welcome to the Northern Exposure rewatch community! We are rewatching and discussing the entire series at the rate of one episode per week, with a new discussion post going up every Sunday.

Info and Guidelines

1. All are welcome, whether you've seen every episode ten times or have just discovered the show.

2. Any kind of NX-related talk is welcome in the comments: essays, discussion questions, running commentary, links to fanworks, gifs, macros, squee, whatever. However you wish to engage with the show is fine.

3. If you're joining the rewatch late, going back to old posts and commenting as you catch up is welcomed and encouraged!

4. Feel free to refer to previous or upcoming episodes in your comments. (Newbies, this serves as your spoiler warning. However, NX is not a particularly serialized show, and while mileage varies, spoilers are unlikely to ruin your enjoyment of future episodes in the same way that they would for something like BSG or Lost.)

5. All that said, please be respectful of other community members. Disagreement is fine; insults are not. I don't anticipate problems, but if any arise, please send me (icepixie) a PM or an e-mail to my username at livejournal.com. You can also contact me with any questions or concerns related to the community.

Links of Interest

n_exposure - General NX comm

population849 - Fanfic comm

Moosechick's Notes - A huge compendium of information on the show, from an episode guide to scanned articles from magazines and much, much more.