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5.12: "Mr. Sandman"

Summary: When the Aurora Borealis goes haywire, everyone in Cicely is swapping dreams; Holling develops a severe psychosomatic aversion to food; Maurice deals with his fetish for women's footwear.

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5.11: "Baby Blues"

Summary: Shelly is nervous about childbirth; Ed discovers cutthroat showbiz; Maggie and Joel dislike kids.

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5.10: "First Snow"

Summary: Joel is traumatized by the natural death of an older patient and friend; Maurice is devastated when Shelly lies about ever loving him; Maggie has a nagging sense that something is missing when she spruces up her house for winter hibernation.

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5.9: "Cup of Joe"

Summary: Holling and Ruth-Anne discover that their grandfathers knew each other - and one ate the other; Chris attempts to become a licensed pilot; Joel discovers that Marilyn is a supersleuth.

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5.8: "Heal Thyself"

Summary: Ed is taunted by the Green Man; Holling shocks Shelly when he is disruptive during birth class; Maggie misses the weekly laundromat gossip-fest when she buys her own washer and dryer.

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5.7: "Rosebud"

Summary: Maurice enlists Ed's expertise to organize a film festival in Cicely; Joel is pressured to join Cicely's volunteer fire department.

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5.6: "Birds of a Feather"

Summary: When Joel's parents trek to Cicely, it ends up being a soul-searching time for all three; Holling shocks everyone when he reveals that he is bored by sports.

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5.5: "A River Doesn't Run Through It"

Summary: Maggie is Homecoming Queen; Maurice reluctantly admits a business defeat; Ruth-Anne is audited.

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5.4: "Altered Egos"

Summary: Chris is disturbed that Bernard's girlfriend, who is also Chris' ex-lover, cannot tell them apart in bed; Joel is obsessed that he is losing his New York edge; Marilyn snoops through Dr. Fleischman's medical files to pick a healthy man.

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5.3 "Jaws of Life"


Summary: Maurice is tormented by a wax replica of himself; Chris discovers that he may live long enough to see forty; the dental mobile comes to Cicely.

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5.2: "The Mystery of the Old Curio Shop"

[Did I completely forget to do this last weekend? I did! Whoops.]

Summary: When the world reminds Maurice of his age, he frets himself into having a heart attack; Maggie relives childhood fantasies of being Nancy Drew, detective extraordinaire; Joel is thrilled to find traces of Yiddish in Cicely's language and history.

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5.1: "Three Doctors"

Summary: The whole town pitches in when Joel is stricken by "Glacier Dropsy"; Ed is confused when he is called to be a shaman; much to her disappointment, Shelly finally stops singing.

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[Back on track with season five!]

4.25: "Old Tree"

Summary: When an old tree considered to be a Cicely historical landmark appears to by dying, Joel dons a tree doctor's hat and gives his prognosis.

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4.24: "Sleeping with the Enemy"

Summary: Duk Won seeks approval of his bethrothed; Ed makes a movie; Holling wants more sex.

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4.23 "Mud and Blood"

Summary: Obsessed by a need to plant, Holling works a farm but hurts his back. He is comforted when Shelly finds herself pregnant. After a video comes from Mike singing Maggie's praises for curing him, she becomes town healer - healing everything from broken appliances to Joel's mosquito bites and her own self-esteem. For the annual Mosquito Festival, Maurice hires Wilbur, a truffle-sniffing pig. Wilbur seems depressed so Chris reads Charlotte's Web to him and he finally succeeds in his quest for truffles.

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4.22: "Kaddish for Uncle Manny"

Summary: When Joel's uncle dies, he discovers that the important bonds in times of trouble are not necessarily from a common religion, but rather a sense of community.

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4.21: "The Big Feast"

Summary: To celebrate the twenty-fifth anniversary of Minnifield Communications, Maurice plans an extremely elaborate party; Adam and Eve return to Cicely with their new baby.

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4.20: "Homesick"

Summary: When Mike gets test results showing he is completely healthy, he feels obligated to leave Cicely and Maggie behind to continue his environmental crusade.

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4.19: "Family Feud"

Summary: When a totem pole is carved for the Whirlwind family, a family feud originating from an incident in 1934 is resurrected, dividing the Native Americans in Cicely.

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4.18: "Northern Lights"

Summary: Maurice befriends Cicely's first homeless man; Joel goes on strike when his vacation is denied; Ruth-Anne, Chris, and Holling perform their various winter rituals.

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